Amplifying the story of your company
to attract, recruit and retain the right talent.


We had a recruiting challenge - we needed to sell the experience of working at our company over more famous and established companies.

Courting excellent people is a long process. We host the candidate for a single afternoon. How much of the team, of the office, of the company did they experience?

The candidate meets with us, but the people in their lives have never heard of us. How could we make a positive impression on the candidate's friends & family?

My name is Justin Hall. Recently I worked as a Director of Culture & Communications in a mobile gaming startup in San Francisco, just as we were purchased by a publicly-traded company based in Tokyo. We were hiring 90 people in 90 days, almost doubling in size, and we were chasing some of the most in-demand candidates in all of software. The company asked me to produce a recruiting video to swell the ranks of our our engineering team:

Once this video went live, candidates mentioned this video during interviews, recounting their favorite aspects of our work experience that they had seen. I learned that text and photos are a solid start, but video and voice grab people on a more emotional level. Candidates want to see where they're going to be spending their days.

Later I served as a Recruiter for positions in software development, product management and marketing. Over and over again I described the opportunity to work with this global company that ran like a startup. I learned the value of a good story in drawing quality talent.

Before this work I was co-founder and CEO of a VC-backed attempt to build a massively multiplayer online game in a web browser. We hired up to nine people, including a search for a new CTO in the midst of our new product launch.

I have been a founder, a recruiter, an internal corporate communicator and a freelance journalist. Long ago I picked up an online writing habit that lead to accusations of my being a pioneer blogger. Nowadays I produce episodes for The Justin Hall Show, honing my storytelling skills.

My goal is to help amplify your story to attract attention and opportunity to your efforts.

Justin & Co.

Transformative Communications Service is essentially Justin Hall, me. I have experience recruiting and motivating colleagues within startups and large mobile entertainment companies. I've spent years editing, acting, producing compelling stories to reach people online. TCS is where I can bring all that together with the help of my empowered network of creative communications professionals.

Justin Hall, producer

Justin Hall at XOXO 2014 photo by Ian Linkletter

Justin Hall at XOXO 2014, photo by Ian Linkletter

Justin Hall designs and directs Transformative Communications Services. TCS combines Hall's 2+ decades of transmedia storytelling experiments with his experience shipping products and staffing teams between 0-200. Here are a few highlights:

  • celebrated as "perhaps the founding father of personal weblogging" by the New York Times, included in Walter Isaacson's bestselling book The Innovators
  • launch team for Wired magazine's commercial web site Hotwired in 1994 at age 19
  • on-air TV host of "web workshop" with ZDTV's Call For Help in 1998
  • mobile game research and journalism in Tokyo, Japan 2001-2003
  • MFA from USC Film School's Interactive Media Division, class of 2007
  • CEO & co-founder of online social game startup GameLayers, raised $2 million and 9 employees building PMOG an MMO in a Firefox toolbar 2007-2009
  • produced “Touch Pets Cats" with ngmoco:) a #8 top grossing iPhone game 2010
  • Director of Culture & Communications at ngmoco:) DeNA, part of 2000+ person company with offices around the globe 2011-2012
  • Recruiter for tech, content and operations positions at DeNA San Francisco in 2013

The TCS Network

A long-standing passion for digital storytelling has connected Hall with a wide range of innovative collaborators for his digital projects. From editing to motion graphics, dollies to drones, Hall can bring smart people to the table to shape a story as polished as we want it to be.

Ryan Junell, editor & animator

Ryan Junell is a pioneer of popular experimental media. He has created materials to support video games, music videos, political campaigns, educational outreach, and the logo for Creative Commons which is now part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.  His portfolio is online at

If you're a digital media maker and you might like to get involved or just share tips, please send Justin a hello.


Here are of our recent professional and unprofessional productions, including the documentary overshare: the story and episodes of the Justin Hall Show:

Contact Me

TCS has soft-launched in late 2015. We seek opportunities to fill our portfolio with happy clients at affordable rates. If you need help drawing qualified candidates to join your team, email Justin or call him at +1 (415) 475-9945.

Only Recruiting Videos?

I have experience with product launches, classroom curriculum, crowdfunding, VC fundraising, speaking to the media, speaking in public and more. I'm focused on recruiting videos today, but I'm always interested in a good story that needs amplifying, and helping smart people. Reach out if you're curious and you'd like to chat.